“It’s OK not to be OK” Campaign

Winter through to Spring sadly sees the highest rate of suicides, in particular when the nights are long and daylight is short. Following the challenging year we all faced in 2020, we felt it was more important than ever to make sure everyone knows “It’s OK not to be OK”, and its healthy to talk about it if we can. The support of the community who got involved in our first campaign has been overwhelming and inspiring, and together we really feel like we are taking small steps in the right direction.

We will run this campaign each year to cover the six month period which is the peak for suicides here in The Highlands, from 1st October to 31st March. The video of someone saying the phrase “It’s OK not to be OK” is shared on various Facebook Group pages to maximise the coverage & keep the message high in the public domain. Please send your clip by email to: support@jamessupportgroup.com, or text to our 24/7 Helpline 07563 572471

Click here to take a look at our YouTube channel where we have lots of videos from people who want you to know “it’s OK not to be OK”.

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