Past Activities

Wendy and I would like to thank Neens for arranging a fund-raising raffle to benefit our group. She managed to have some fabulous prizes which lead to lots of tickets being sold. We would also like to thank everyone who bought tickets & congratulate the prize-winners. Thank you all, you raised over £700 for our cause, every penny is really appreciated xxxx

Bushy Beard Competition

Bob the Barbarian won the Bushy Beard Competition handsomely (perhaps that’s not the correct word). For those of you who missed the competition and want to watch it can download the file (which expires on 2nd January). We’ve raised over £1400 for James Support Group and I would like to thank the team very much for putting it all together within all the restrictions. We had originally planned to have it at the Slaughterhouse (more thanks) but it became a great fun Zoom event. Just to note that I (Nige) won the “Overall Masculine Image”!!! Tremendous thanks to all those who participated and those who donated and are still donating! It was great fun. Nige (with the hat!)

The Bushy Beard competition was a lot of fun- something we all desperately need at the moment. Wendy and I are absolutely blown away by all of your generosity.

Wendy & Patrick

Wendy and I would like to thank Paula Bremner for the donation of funds raised from an evening at Cromarty Victoria Hall with the fabulous band ‘Clinging to the Wreckage’. It was a while ago now & a great night, and raised over £1500 all to benefit a very good cause. Thank you x